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Mmmm – some days it’s more delicious than others. The kids made it for me this morning (I love all our time we can “waste” while not having to rush off to school, just yet) so I am not sure exactely how much or what they put into it – but something along these lines:

1 Cucumber

1 Lime (peel and all)

1 Lemon (yup, no need to peel if you’re juicer is decent)

2 Apples (if I had made the juice myself, I would have only used one apple)

1 Bunch of Young Bok Choi

1 Head of Lettuce

(I really like adding a chunk of fresh ginger too)

It was such a refreshing drink! Thanks munchkins!

Mornings that include Green Juice make for such a great day ahead.

It’s packed with enzymes and all the juiced nutrients are absorbed much easier than if I were to chew and eat my juice ingredients.

…..and at clean up time – they were all long gone 😉


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