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We’re treasuring the last week of  rush hour free mornings at our home. Since returning from our family holiday in Sweden, my husband is the only one sprinting out of the house in the morning. Come next week – we will tag team to get 4 kids, fed and ready for school – with nutritional lunches packed and hopefully matching socks and their beds made.

But today was a lovely lazy morning. I got up at seven – as the youngest announced that the new day had begun. He followed me into the bathroom and jealously watched me use my tounge scraper. “I want one” he said. The tounge scraper totally grossed me out at first – all the gunk that came off – but within a few days, I couldn’t start the day without. Scraping my tounge is just another way of detoxing – and an easy, covenient and refreshing way.

tongue scraper

I will totally get one each for the kids – I am also hoping that I can get them to begin the day with a glass of lemon water (yes, I’ll let them squrt in a little maple syrup, an

d the older ones might like to turn it into fire water with a bit of Cayenne too). But that might be amitious — they are all doing really well with all the

unconventional foods and habits I with more or less success, impose on them. I’ll probably set out a pitcher of lemon water for them in the morning – as soon as I am back to beating them out of bed with enough time to spare 🙂

PS – borrowed the picture from , http://www.whole-body-detox-diet.com/tongue-scraper.html where you can read on about the benefits of tounge scraping 😉


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