The Daily Green Juice

Mmmm – some days it’s more delicious than others. The kids made it for me this morning (I love all our time we can “waste” while not having to rush off to school, just yet) so I am not sure exactely how much or what they put into it – but something along these lines:

1 Cucumber

1 Lime (peel and all)

1 Lemon (yup, no need to peel if you’re juicer is decent)

2 Apples (if I had made the juice myself, I would have only used one apple)

1 Bunch of Young Bok Choi

1 Head of Lettuce

(I really like adding a chunk of fresh ginger too)

It was such a refreshing drink! Thanks munchkins!

Mornings that include Green Juice make for such a great day ahead.

It’s packed with enzymes and all the juiced nutrients are absorbed much easier than if I were to chew and eat my juice ingredients.

…..and at clean up time – they were all long gone ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Neti Pot

So, it’s been kicking around a drawer for over a year – mostly unused. This morning I was surprised when my husband asked me where it was – the Neti Pot. He had been reading my yoga magazine in the bathroom (deprive him of all other reading material in the bathroom, and he is likely to read whatever is left – I might take advantage of that, now that I know) and felt inspired to try it out for a month. He is hoping to eliminate his post nasal drip.

In the process he inspired the kids to try it out as well – they enjoyed it! Maia kept coming back throughout the day to “do it again” ๐Ÿ™‚


Go here to read the great article that inspired us to dig out our Neti Pot again and challenged us to keep with it for 30 days :)

The tounge scraper

We’re treasuring the last week ofย  rush hour free mornings at our home. Since returning from our family holiday in Sweden, my husband is the only one sprinting out of the house in the morning. Come next week – we will tag team to get 4 kids, fed and ready for school – with nutritional lunches packed and hopefully matching socks and their beds made.

But today was a lovely lazy morning. I got up at seven – as the youngest announced that the new day had begun. He followed me into the bathroom and jealously watched me use my tounge scraper. “I want one” he said. The tounge scraper totally grossed me out at first – all the gunk that came off – but within a few days, I couldn’t start the day without. Scraping my tounge is just another way of detoxing – and an easy, covenient and refreshing way.

tongue scraper

I will totally get one each for the kids – I am also hoping that I can get them to begin the day with a glass of lemon water (yes, I’ll let them squrt in a little maple syrup, an

d the older ones might like to turn it into fire water with a bit of Cayenne too). But that might be amitious — they are all doing really well with all the

unconventional foods and habits I with more or less success, impose on them. I’ll probably set out a pitcher of lemon water for them in the morning – as soon as I am back to beating them out of bed with enough time to spare ๐Ÿ™‚

PS – borrowed the picture from , http://www.whole-body-detox-diet.com/tongue-scraper.html where you can read on about the benefits of tounge scraping ๐Ÿ˜‰

Healthy Children

People often ask questions regarding safe, alternatives to conventional medicine in treating common/minor childhood illnesses.

We have four children,the oldest is 11, and none of them have EVER been on antibiotics or taken ANY prescription drugs. My philosophy is simple – a focus on building healthy immune systems and lifestyle habits. When they do catch a bug – the solution, is to boost their immune system further with appropriate supplements and not to run to the doctor.

I consulted naturopathic doctors, took courses in nutrition, herbology, energy healing, aromatherapy, read up about homeopathics and researched, researched and researched for years. I suggest that you do too, I’m only sharing what works for us – and hope to inspire discovery of what will work for you.

Some of my decisions are controversial, some – where research proved to be too confusing with far too many studies suggesting opposite actions, are based on “mother’s intuition” only.

As a compliment to nutritious food (well, 98% of the time) lots of outside time, minimized media exposure, sufficient sleep, sunshine and lots of laughs – we also rely on the following supplements that I ALWAYS have in stock:

A high quality multivitamin w/o calcium (nothing with “calcium added” makes it into my house. Calcium blocks absorption of everything else – and if used, should be taken before bedtime with enough magnesium and Vit D).

Extra Vitamin C (ester-C, or even better CamuCamu)

Vitamin D for my northern homestead

Fish oil


Greens (either in a green smoothie, a juice, salad – or when that isn’t an option – as a powder/pill)

My children and I, don’t always take all of these pills every single day. We shake up the routine a bit, but over the course of a week, they do get it all.

Check back for posts about cures for the common cold, sore throats, stomach flu, earaches, bruises, bee stings and whatever else little ones drag into the home…

If you’re up to a seriously HEALTHY regimen – that I see as the ULTIMATE way to feed your children check out Shazzie’s take on this. I’m still working on getting enough greens into my kids, not ready for her supermom approach — yet! But DO go there to get inspired!

The HONEST food guide!

Head on over to http://www.honestfoodguide.org/ to grab a free copy of the HONEST food guide!

Mike Adams (the health ranger) has put together a food guide that is GUARANTEED to boost your health, beauty and life in uncountable ways! Imagine tossing the corrupt old version out the window, and embracing this NEW, truly true and honestly healthy one – on a global level. More people than EVER would enjoy health.

You’ll find out:
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* How to achieve solid health
* How to choose vegetables with a variety of nutrients
* Facts about superfoods

* Bad carbs vs good carbs

Mothers have an incredible amount of power. Power to change the world. One child at a time.

All it takes is to be the best parent you can possible be. Easy. Right?

Perhaps you are caught in the rat race – and barely get your head above water. I understand completely. And when I go on to say that the most important person to look after is yourself – you’re probably thinking “impossible”.
BUT – how will you be a loving, peaceful, empathetic, fun, energetic, fit and healthy parent – if you never prioritize yourself? You are your child’s most important role model. Your child will grow up to do what you do – and not what you say.
Wouldn’t you want your child to grow up with a healthy amount of self love and respect? To be a resourceful, independent person who has clear values, and lives in line with those values?
Just like you!?

Step out of the race against time – take a breather – don’t sweat the small stuff!
Are your kids in a gazillion activities? Are you unable to say NO – and always looking to please others, before you take time for YOU?
What really, truly matters in life – for you? Think about it! Write it down – and live into it!

Your children will thank you (one day) if you pull them out of their extracurricular – and spend time with them, quality time. They will also one day thank you for taking time for you! (Even if that means a sacrifice on their part right now).
As a mom, it is even MORE important to nourish yourself – with the best food, the best exercise, the best leisure time and the best habits. In doing so – you will be the best parent ever ๐Ÿ˜‰

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